Canisters, Cranes and Carrier Pigeons


Although a 30-second TV spot may seem short, to pull it off (and pull it off well) can take weeks of brainstorming, planning and production.

We partnered with Coastway Community Bank to develop two broadcast TV spots as part of an overall marketing campaign to reinforce the company’s local presence and commitment to the community. The campaign, Money that stays here grows here, challenges viewers by asking “Do you know where your money goes?” because presumably, after we deposit it, most of us don’t. We trust that our local financial institutions are what they claim to be – local – while many of them are in fact headquartered in other states, and even other countries.

From creative concepting, storyboarding and scripting, to casting, shooting and final production, our team worked diligently to develop two commercials that clearly communicate Coastway’s local banking message, in an entertaining way that sets Coastway apart from its competitors.

One 50’ crane, a jet-fueled deposit canister and a professional pigeon handler later, we landed in a place that made us all very proud to bank with Coastway.

The video above is a little behind the scenes peek at the making of these two spots. To view the commercials in full, click here.

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