Mental tricks (add)venturists use to perform under pressure

Mental tricks (add)venturists use to perform under pressure

When developing solutions for a range of client partners, we call on creativity and collaboration to deliver strong results. But what happens when time is limited, pressure abounds and stress levels rise? Our team utilizes these mental tips and tricks to stay cool, calm and collected.

Scott Maiocchi picture

Scott Maiocchi takes a bite-sized approach.
Our vice president, video/animation tells us:
"Break down the big picture into small achievable parts. Each success brings you closer to the larger end goal."

Kim Ambler pictureKim Ambler finds musical momentum. 
Our director, design/branding tells us:
"I believe music quiets the voices of self-doubt. When I’m feeling stressed, I find my favorite song, ‘Ride’ by Twenty One Pilots, play it on loop and work on."

Lisa Reefe pictureLisa Reefe practices the art of tidiness.
Our manager, strategy/marketing tells us:
"When I am anxious or feel stressed, I like to get my ducks in a row by getting organized and making lists of what needs to be accomplished. Clean desk, clean mind."

Bryan Williams pictureBryan Williams tunes into Ted Talks:
Our senior animator, motion/graphics tells us:
"I always find my favorite Ted Talk on happiness and gratefulness to be helpful when dealing with stressful situations. It reminds me to ‘Stop. Look. Go.’”

Michaela Kellogg pictureMichaela Kellogg cranks up the classical.
Our content director, video/animation tells us:
"When I have a deadline approaching, I find a conference room to hide in, pop in some headphones, blast classical movie scores and get to work! It’s something I picked up in college when I had to write a paper. I’ve tried other types of music, but nothing else seems to works as well. Pop? Too toe-tappy. Classic rock? Too distracting. It’s got to be classical movie scores. That’s the secret."

Erica Millette pictureErica Millette monotasks.
Our senior director, insights/strategy tells us:
"When I have a lot of competing thoughts circulating in my head and I don't know where to begin, I jot them all down on paper. I close my computer, carefully select the right pen for the job and write down every inkling that comes to mind in no particular order. Afterwards, I can start fresh and attack one thing at a time with my full energy.”

Paul Paterson picturePaul Paterson taps into transcendental meditation.
Our manager, traffic/operations tells us:
"I've been practicing transcendental meditation for the past year and a half. It's a wonderful way to relieve and prevent stress, which helps so much when you're working in a fast-paced environment.”

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