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Some exciting football, an epic halftime show, a technical nightmare and a variety of advertising tactics made for a memorable Super Bowl Sunday. We surveyed our (add)venturists to find out which brands used their advertising dollars wisely.

Funniest ad:
Doritos was a front-runner, but in the end, Taco Bell’s “Viva Young” overcame the competition. Who doesn’t love to watch the elderly embracing a young-at-heart attitude? To the tune of Fun’s “We Are Young,” (or rather, a Spanish translation of the tune) the troop of 80-somethings escape from a retirement home and spend the night dancing, causing mayhem and getting tattoos before ending up at Taco Bell for a late-night meal. It’s impossible to restrain a smile while watching the paradox of cultural norms for young adults against the stereotypes of old folks.  

Best Brand Representation:
Budweiser’s “Brotherhood” was the resounding winner for this category. Clydesdales have become synonymous with the Budweiser brand and this heartwarming ad reinforces the work ethic, dedication and high quality that Budweiser is committed to. A few members of our team even admitted the ad made them tear up. Dawn mentioned, “I’m an emotional person and a horse lover, so put a great song together with that beautiful bond between a human and a horse…I’m in! LOVE that spot; made me tear up.” While there was only one bottle of beer in the 60-second spot, the brand representation was excellent.

Overall Best Ad:
You may be surprised to find that, of all of the clever and hilarious ads this year, our favorites were sentimental. Budweiser’s “Brotherhood” and Jeep’s "America Will Be Whole Again" gained many votes, but the champion was Dodge Ram’s “Farmer.”  These three spots accounted for 78% of our team’s votes in the Overall Best Ad category. Donna thought that the stunning photography and poignant poetry were a stark contrast to the clutter of the other Super Bowl ads - and it clearly caught our attention. The subtle product placement allowed the viewer to concentrate on the message: the idea that resilience, endurance and passion exemplified by farmers, are the core of the American dream. It was captivating in all the right ways.

Honorable Mention:
There’s something especially remarkable about quick wit, but when coupled with impeccable timing, it’s practically unstoppable. Oreo quickly released a clever ad on their Twitter and Facebook pages within minutes of the Super Bowl Blackout. The “You can still dunk in the dark” ad immediately went viral thanks to understated creative design and a management team that was available to approve the artwork on the spot. Our ceo, Steve Rosa, said, “the best Super Bowl ad was unplanned, fastest and free.”

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