Broadcast Television

CollegeBoundfund, Rhode Island’s 529 tax-advantaged college savings plan, is designed to encourage saving and investing for a child’s future higher education. As part of a sustained effort to increase awareness of the merits of the CollegeBoundfund program and encourage action among those who could benefit from it, we were asked to create a broad, brand-building message that showed it was possible for everyday people to save for college.



We produced the “Real Rhode Islanders” TV spots, which feature CollegeBoundfund account holders and their beneficiaries sharing their personal college savings stories. The campaign also included a flexible ending that could be customized to highlight difference benefits of the college savings plan.

The TV and radio spots were well received by Rhode Islanders for their ability to increase awareness about the importance of saving for college, while showcasing local families discussing their financial realities. To help inspire everyone from parents and grandparents to aunts, uncles, and other family and friends to save, the spots have been used in unique ways, including in stadiums and online.