A celebration of hope and hugs receives Emmy and Hatch awards

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This year, we received our sixth Best Commercial (New England) from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and our third Hatch Merit Award for “Delivering Hope,” a video collaboration with CVS Health. We created the video as an inspiration and appreciation for CVS Health colleagues. It was a celebration of what delivery of the COVID vaccine truly represented: a chance to hug and embrace the people we love. It was so popular internally that it was used across CVS Health's social channels.

The story moves through vignettes of all of the ways a hug connects us emotionally:  joy, comfort, and celebration. While people were kept apart by COVID and longing to be close to their family and friends, the work of CVS colleagues brought us closer to coming together again in an embrace. The musical score matched the rising hope that came with the vaccine. 

Through a live-streamed editing session, we brought together editors, script specialists, and creative directors to align the images, color, sound, and script in each frame. We adjusted color, timing, and music to create a single evocative story out of a patchwork of clips.

The video was an inspiration to the public as well, showing up across CVS social media and YouTube channels. One commenter summed it up: “Bravo CVS, I got chills watching.” 

Congratulations to our client partners, and thank you for trusting us with your vision. Here is the Emmy-winning team: 

The team for (add)ventures

  • Scott Maiocchi, Director
  • Robert Bartolome, Post Supervisor
  • Jessie Hoyt, Producer
  • Tracy Silva, Producer

The team for CVS Health

  • Brett Gerstenblatt
  • Jay Williams 

This isn’t our only praise-worthy video work this year.