Growing our digital team with seasoned and new talent

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We’re excited to announce two promotions and two new hires at our New England headquarters. Jim Young advances to director, engineering/digital and Dennis Driscoll to senior manager, digital/marketing, while Piotr Butkiewicz joins as manager, engineering/digital and Nicholas Corey as specialist, digital/strategy.

As director, engineering/digital, Jim guides our digital team in marrying technology and design to create compelling, high-performing websites. He ensures all projects follow visual design and architecture specs, and supports technology teams to problem-solve as needed.

Carrying his title as our lead Google Analytics specialist into his new role as senior manager, digital/marketing, Dennis uses his strategy and marketing expertise to launch web and mobile campaigns that leverage social media, blogs and other digital networking channels. He directs email communication campaigns, and helps coordinate the architecture, design and content phases of all of our digital projects.

As manager, engineering/digital, Piotr delivers detailed, functional web and mobile experiences for our client partners. He utilizes strong software development practices to write efficient, well-designed code and collaborates with others to ensure visual and architecture specs align with business objectives. Piotr previously worked as a web consultant at Percussion Software.

From intern to team member, our specialist, digital/strategy Nick assists the digital team with competitive market analysis, site strategy development and the design and coding of digital projects. He collaborates with team members to ensure content and content matrices support business objectives for our client partners.

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