How virtual production capabilities cultivate more creative opportunities

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As storytellers and video production experts, we’re pretty fanatical about helping our client partners tell their stories in creative, memorable ways. Which is why we added virtual video production to our overall storytelling capabilities.

We now use the expansive opportunities of virtual productions, and the technology that fuels it, to bring brand storytelling to life in ways that just aren’t possible in a traditional production. Talent and products can be immersed in photorealistic environments thanks to Epic Games’ Unreal Engine software, precision camera tracking and your (add)venturists team and crew.

With virtual production, the environment is completely controllable. Golden hour no longer runs the shoot schedule and location scouting becomes a task of the imagination. We can now create authentic, in-store retail environments without leaving the studio. This eliminates the logistics of shooting overnight when, for example, a store is closed. And reduces the stress of navigating unknown variables and obstacles that can impact an in-store shoot happening during normal business hours. Now we can shoot summer-centric content in the middle of a New England winter—without stepping foot outside or giving the talent hypothermia.

There are thousands of ways to tell a story. The challenge for creatives with big ideas is often  “never enough time and never enough budget.” Well, we can’t make time stand still, but we can shoot you in Madagascar in the morning and Tokyo in the afternoon without the travel costs.

Virtual production uses both time and money more efficiently by virtue of a more creative and agile workflow. It can take the time that used to be focused on logistical obstacles—travel, chasing light, and sleep-depriving overnight location shoots—and harness that energy into expanding creative possibilities.