Internviews: get to know our summer interns

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This summer, we’re welcoming nine creative, strategic and innovative minds to collaborate on real-world projects and experience just what it means to be multidisciplinary.

Before they jumped into a 10-week (add)venture, we asked our intern class to share a bit about themselves.


Sam Price

School: Cornell University, Class of 2020
Major: Fine Arts 
(+) team: design
Designer, painter and previous family band member, Sam wears many hats. You can find him working collaboratively with other design team members to create content based on project goals and objectives. “I really want to try out new media. I’ve done architecture internships in the past, but this experience is unique in how it intertwines with other disciplines.”


Ceili Ahern

School: Bryant University, Class of 2019
Major: Finance and Economics 
(+) team: finance/operations
A wiz with numbers, Ceili helps our finance/operations team organize invoices, assemble checks and assist with planning as needed. Her thoughts on working in a creative environment? “I wanted to be a part of a company that isn’t limited to finance, and (add)ventures offers a unique opportunity to work with other departments.”


Alexa Brennan

School: Loyola University, Class of 2020
Major: Marketing and Sustainable Business 
(+) team: marketing 
A houseplant-loving vegan, Alexa helps our marketing team find creative solutions to uncover a brand’s story and identity. “I wanted to pursue a professional experience related to my major and the culture really drew me to (add)ventures. I knew it was somewhere I wanted to work for the summer.”


Nathan Gyampo

School: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Class of 2019
Major: Graphic Design
(+) team: design
This type geek and layout lover assists our design team in brainstorming and creating print, digital and video solutions. When Nate isn’t designing, you might find him traveling the world. He spent a week in Berlin, Germany while studying graphic design and met famous designer Erik Spiekermann. “I want to gain real-world experience while working in a multidisciplinary environment and networking within the field.”


Paula Au

School: University of Rhode Island, Class of 2019
Major: Film
(+) team: video/animation
Paula went to a performing arts high school and when she’s not shooting film she loves to juggle and act. You can find her visualizing and generating motion content on a typical day with our video/animation team. What is she most excited about this summer? “I want to learn more about animation and to be on set.”


Tyler Parks

School: University of Rhode Island, Class of 2019
Major: Computer Science
(+) team: digital
Tyler is a tech savvy guru who assists with the technical components of digital campaigns, like concepting websites and apps. When he’s not monitoring web activity you might find him driving in a fire truck with our manager, quality/production John Neilsen. “It’s nice when other (add)venturists go out of their way to say hello and connect.”


Miguel Marquez

School: Florida International University, Class of 2011
Major: Pyschology
(+) team: Miami
After four and a half years in the psychology field, Miguel pursued a special interest in communications with a certificate in social media marketing services and principles. “I love numbers and seeing the increasing trend of platforms in this digital age. Learning and having real working exposure with huge companies is an amazing experience.” When he’s not engaged in social media, you can find Miguel fine tuning his game on the basketball court.


Miranda Brito

School: Florida International University, Class of 2019
Major: Digital Media Communications
(+) team: Miami
Miranda is a digital media student who enjoys creating stories by putting ideas together. When she’s not in our Miami office, she takes acting lessons and dedicates time to her social media business. “I’m excited to be a part of this firm because it gives me the chance to work in many disciplines. I think experiencing different fields will allow me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and expand my skill set.”


Gabriela Zuniga

School: Florida International University, Class of 2018
Major: Supervision & Management
(+) team: Miami
Born in New Orleans and raised in Venezuela with a background in international relations and event planning, Gabriela adds an eclectic flair to everything she does. “I’ve always had a fascination with the relationship between words with art and how together they can create new perspectives”. During her free time, you can find Gabriela at the beach or cozied up with a book at her favorite local coffee shop.