RISD Portfolio Day: guiding the next generation of creatives

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Entering a creative industry as a young professional can be difficult and intimidating. Many young designers ask themselves as graduation approaches, “How am I supposed to prove my talent and ability without previous career experience?”

Portfolios, portfolios, and more portfolios.

The great thing about entering a creative career path is you have more opportunities to showcase your abilities in a visual manner. Unlike other careers, where job seekers must promote themselves through impressive wordsmithing on a one-page resume, creatives have the ability to captivate through portfolios. The transformation of a bland resume to an expressive portfolio is an art in itself. The process isn’t easy, but once mastered, it is the greatest tool to success.

addventurists giving risd advice

That’s why we find it important to help the future generation of creatives in their portfolio development. Partnering with Rhode Island School of Design, we attended this year’s Portfolio Day, offering guidance and feedback to a determined group of soon-to-be graduates. The discussions were mutually beneficial, the talent was impressive, and the experience made us even more excited to see what the future of design has in store. Who knows? Some of these RISD students may be the next (add)venturists!