Scientists are people too: How a leading lab equipment manufacturer speaks to their audience.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific operates in a world of meticulous research and complex processes. As a provider of technical instruments and analysis tools to some of the world's leading laboratories, their technology has played a role in many major scientific advances over the years.

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So how does this highly technical brand market to its science-focused audience? The first step was to recognize that, behind all the data and methodical experiments, scientists and lab managers are real people looking for ways to work more efficiently.

To get a clear sense of the audience for Thermo Fisher's purification products and services, we interviewed a number of process development scientists. These conversations helped us understand how they've purchased supplies in the past, how they would like to purchase them in the future, and what they look for in an equipment provider.

From our interviews, two distinct personas emerged. The first, known as the Early Innovator, is an enterprising, independent individual scientist seeking an edge over the competition within their field of research. They are on a quest to find the most innovative products to push their work to the next level and achieve regulatory compliance.

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Our second audience persona is the R&D Procurement Manager. This person is in charge of purchasing for an entire lab and wants to find the quickest, most cost-effective product solutions for their team. It's in their interest to form a long-term relationship with their equipment provider.

R&D Procurement persona slide from case studies deck

Despite their differing roles, these personas share a need for process efficiency and on-demand technical support. Perhaps most importantly, both are also driven by an ambition to make significant breakthrough contributions to their field.

Gene therapy campaign image — “Gene therapy: It’s in our DNA. Because saving lives is in yours

The marketing materials we create aim to strike a balance between appealing to the ambitious nature of our audience and their interest in statistical proof points. Messaging can flex and shift depending on which channel an asset will appear on.

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Given the personal nature of Facebook, content for the platform leans into the high-level solutions Thermo Fisher has to offer an individual scientist.

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While the professional setting of LinkedIn makes surfacing impressive technical statistics more appropriate.

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Connecting much of the work we've done for Thermo Fisher is a visual language that blends photography, color stories, and branded glyph illustrations that represent complex technologies in satisfyingly simple ways.

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By combining our audience insights with thoughtful content strategy and engaging design elements, we're able to help Thermo Fisher continue to expand their reach as the world leader in serving science.

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