Virtual production delivers value beyond the budget

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Bring your brand marketing to the next level and anywhere your imagination can take you by adding virtual production (VP) to your 2024 content marketing budget. VP combines immersive, photorealistic environments with real-world elements using in-camera visual effects (ICVFX), precision camera tracking and Epic Games Unreal Engine software. It’s redefining how marketers approach their video content using technology typically reserved for Hollywood blockbusters. Produce swoon- and share-worthy videos that don’t skimp on creativity and maximize efficiency.

Here are five ways shooting a VP in our (add)galaxies studio in East Providence, Rhode Island will help maximize your brand potential in 2024.

  1. 1. Plan more, pivot less
    • Cost projections are more closely aligned to initial estimates thanks to a more agile workflow and process that requires significant planning in the preproduction phase.
    • VP eases unforeseen budget burdens and eliminates cost-eating variables that can’t be predicted in a less controlled environment, like: weather, sunlight, permitting issues, travel delays and location limitations.
  2. 2. Real-time edits, less time traveling
    • Real-time edits can be made using in-camera visual effects (ICVFX), like changing the color of cabinets or the season in the background to maximize efficiency.
    • Shoot in multiple locations without leaving the studio, so it’s easier to capture seamless visual and story continuity across different global and local markets.
  3. 3. Avoid costs, not creative
    • Let creative flow on set by trying new creative approaches, big and small, without changing locations or waiting to see your idea come to life on screen after post production edits are made.
    • Pre-production planning, workflow and technology mitigate budget-busting costs from extended editing hours required in post production, especially if you’re using green screen technology.
  4. 4. Healthy crew, happier budget
    • With VP, there’s less risk of COVID, illnesses and getting run down from traveling and battling the elements on location.
    • A well-rested crew will not only be happier, but they will be operating at optimal performance when they aren’t up against daylight, overnight shoots, and other snags that can drag out the shoot schedule, bust the budget, and shut the shoot down altogether.
  5. 5. Achieve your vision, without jeopardizing your voice
    • Don’t grasp at straws trying out a new TikTok trend that may not be right for your brand — elevate your creative content with production value while staying true to your brand value so audiences take notice.
    • VP technology may be new to your brand, but it’s not to our full-service senior staff of producers, filmmakers, creatives and content and marketing strategists who are here to set your shoot up for success if this is your first video shoot ever, or your first virtual production.