Rhode Island Housing

Mobile App


Rhode Island Housing is committed to ensuring that all people who live or work in Rhode Island can afford a healthy, attractive home that meets their needs. Knowing that a sizeable portion of their primary lending market – first-time homebuyers – are using mobile applications in various aspects of their lives, they wanted to create an app that would assist homebuyers in their search process. While many apps on the market offered property searches, mortgage calculators and home evaluators, very few provided the functionality to help buyers make smart purchases.


We developed HomeCompare, a free mobile app with the ability to calculate the estimated total cost of living in a property during the first year. By keying in a handful of expenses, users can realize the true cost of each property in their home search journey, helping them to make informed purchases and avoid buying based on individual line items. HomeCompare also allows users to capture a variety of home information from photos and video to property address, list price and general notes. Users can rank saved properties and share their home information with friends and family via Facebook and email. To learn more about HomeCompare and download the free app, visit www.HomeCompareRI.com