Rhode Island Department of Health

Tobacco Cessation Campaign


To prevent tobacco-related deaths and promote healthier lifestyles, the Rhode Island Department of Health and Human Services, in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control, commissioned us to develop and evaluate a multi-dimensional campaign to encourage quit-smoking attempts.


First, we reviewed consumer data gathered by the Department of Health and conducted web research on other state initiatives to identify best practices in cessation campaign approaches. Following the initial research, several creative concepts were developed with distinct, targeted messaging platforms. These concepts were then tested through a series of focus groups with both smokers and family members of smokers to determine which platforms were most relevant and influential. The focus group findings gave us the ability to select the most impactful ads to reach target audiences through transit and outdoor advertising, print and online media, a microsite, and a text-messaging campaign. Results of the campaign were tracked over time with real-time web and mobile analytics, media metrics, and a post-campaign survey to test recall of the creative concepts.