Johnson & Wales University

Usability Testing for Admissions Website


After assisting with the architecture of the new Johnson & Wales University Admissions website, we conducted a usability test with the site’s key target audiences, including prospective undergraduate and graduate students. The goal of the usability test was to validate the solutions that resulted from the initial requirements gathering phase, uncover any potential issues with the design or functionality, and identify additional opportunities for improving the overall experience.


We developed a working prototype that would allow participants to experience the site as if it were live on the web. We then designed a recruiting matrix to achieve a mix of participants with varying genders, ages, areas of study, grade level and other attributes. After screening candidates, 18 individuals were invited to participate in the usability test and explore various features and functions of the site.

The usability tests were conducted using an online interface where users could complete the tasks on their own time in the comfort of their own homes. Analysis of participant data revealed that the redesign was successful in facilitating users’ understanding of the University offerings, driving them toward the calls to action and providing a refreshing visual experience.