Uvex Turboshield™ Product Launch


In response to growing marketplace demand and evolving consumer safety needs, Honeywell developed the Uvex Turboshield™, a patented, industry-changing protective face shield. To launch the face shield, (add)ventures partnered with Honeywell to develop and execute a fully integrated marketing campaign.


The fundamental components of the campaign included a video, a landing page, a product brochure, a sales kit, print ads and a social media promotional contest. The campaign’s centerpiece, a 90-second video targeted at distributors and safety managers globally, was shot in the historic Steel Yard in Providence using slow-motion techniques to highlight its patented features. A targeted microsite was created and translated into six languages to act as a global hub for the Uvex marketing efforts. Lastly, in addition to traditional collateral and a sales kit, we helped Honeywell launch a “Changing the Faces of Safety” social media contest which invited followers of the Uvex brand to share and vote on the most inspiring story about an individual displaying a laudable commitment to safety.

Uvex Product Launch