North Force Hard Hat Product Launch


Oil and gas workers experience some of the most extreme and dangerous working conditions on the planet. Honeywell first wanted to bring awareness to the fact that back-of-the-head personal protective equipment (PPE) is paramount. Second, they wanted to showcase that their new, innovative North Force hard hat, the first with back-of-head-protection, positioned Honeywell as the industry leader.  


We developed a comprehensive launch campaign to convey the North Force hard hat’s key benefits and proof points including: a landing page, product brochure, sales kits, thank-you gifts for the partners at Exxon Mobil, banner ads, print ads, and a 90-second video. Shot on location at The Steel Yard, a historic industrial arts space in downtown Providence, the video features a worker suiting up for the extreme and dangerous conditions outside, focusing specifically on the North Force hard hat, before he exits into a wind-driven snow.

In addition to the English version that served as the main content on the campaign landing page, we created a French-Canadian version of the video to extend a global reach across Honeywell’s target audiences.