CVS Health

Environment Branding


In 2013, CVS Health (formally CVS Caremark) made a landmark step forward as a leader in health care – a step that would foreshadow the CVS Quits campaign the following year – and chose to overhaul its corporate cafeteria offerings to highlight and incentivize the consumption of healthier meals and snacks.


Working collaboratively with CVS Health, we branded the campaign as the “Eat Well, Be Well/Path to Healthy Nutrition,” and worked from the ground up to transform the cafeteria dining experience to emphasize healthy choices.

Beginning with the walls and banner stands, and working down to details like coffee cup sleeves, table tents, and stickers, we created an atmosphere that encouraged healthy eating through tangible discounts and rewards, and also subtle incentives woven into the design.

The success of the Healthy Eating Campaign at the Woonsocket headquarters prompted the creation of custom design elements for six other CVS Health corporate locations across the country.