Florida International University

"Be the Boss" Challenge


Florida International University (FIU) wanted to take a fresh approach to building awareness of their renowned MBA program in South Florida. FIU needed a better way to communicate with hard-to-reach young professionals and reinforce its “Uncommon Thinkers” brand through appropriate messaging and tactics.


We saw the opportunity to implement an innovative, highly engaging guerrilla marketing campaign to create buzz and excitement around the FIU MBA program. The “MBA at FIU: Be the Boss Challenge” event and social media campaign was designed to increase awareness of the FIU MBA program and generate excitement about the FIU brand. The campaign featured a series of guerilla marketing events, during which a branded, clear box truck, complete with office furnishings and improv actors, was located in happy hour hot spots in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Participants entered the set and completed a series of challenges that expressed the core competencies gained through an FIU MBA. These scenes were captured on video and uploaded to the FIU Facebook page, where fans were asked to comment, share and vote for their favorite video, with the winner receiving an iPad.

The “Be the Boss” Challenge won the Summit International Award for Experiential Marketing, with an estimated 3,600 patrons exposed to the event through foot and vehicle traffic, 1 million impressions via traditional and online public relations, and 14,500 viewers via Facebook and YouTube.

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