Prostate Cancer Foundation

Prostate Cancer Foundation Public Service Announcement


As the world’s leading philanthropic organization funding and accelerating prostate cancer research, the Prostate Cancer Foundation needed an inspiring and creative way to encourage African-American men to get checked for prostate cancer, as they are 1.6 times more likely to develop the disease compared to Caucasian men.


To capture the attention of the target audience, we conceptualized, filmed and edited a public service announcement (PSA), featuring five-time boxing heavyweight champion of the world Evander Holyfield, that served as the launch of a national awareness campaign.

The PSA pulls viewers into Holyfield’s natural element—the boxing ring—and showcases that while strength, speed and stamina can be drawn upon to beat an opponent in the ring, other resources must be used when fighting an unseen force like prostate cancer – an opponent that could wind up causing a fight for life. 

The announcement includes a message from Holyfield encouraging African-American men to get checked for prostate cancer and directs them to, the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s website.