We’re proud to announce an exciting partnership with public relations and special events company, Prism Group, Inc. in Miami. Inked in March, the agreement formalizes a strategic alliance that grew from our collaborative efforts serving client partners in Latin America, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, including Acer, Alcatel, Lexmark, Samsung and Welch-Allyn.

Millennials are empowered. They want better, faster access to anything, anywhere, at any time. Born and raised in the digital sphere, millennials demand authentic brand experiences that cross cultures and continents at lightning speed. So how do we excite these consumers’ desires for authentic brand culture? Through storytelling, digital solutions and real human experiences.

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Super Bowl 50 was a boring game. Most of its commercials were too. Like the poor guy in AstraZeneca's opioid-induced constipation ad, I kept longing for something truly big to happen, but I too was poop out of luck. You likely found them underwhelming too, unless small intestines and toe fungus mascots float your boat.

Our CEO/chief creative officer Stephen Rosa shares leadership advice in "A Brand Driving Lesson for Volkswagen." These 10 rules of the road highlight what steps the automaker needs to take to restore its brand and rebuild trust amongst loyal customers.

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If you’re an NFL football fan, you’ve likely seen the inspiring Salute to Service ovations where veterans are honored during games. As a son of a WWII veteran, I love seeing veterans honored in stadiums and on TV.

Rhode Island needs tourism. Tourists drive our economy and help attract businesses here. They create jobs and provide tax relief for those who live here year round. That is why our state is wisely about to embark on an ambitious new tourism attraction campaign. 

The fact that you can read this, like, favorite or comment on it, symbolizes the freedom we enjoy in the USA. All across the globe people are prevented from, or punished for, speaking freely in public, print or online. Many are imprisoned, tortured and killed for not choosing their words more thoughtfully or carefully. 

It’s June, over 80 degrees in New England, and I’m still thinking about hockey – even after the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last week. I’ve been obsessed with hockey-think of late, both as a fan and a marketer.

I’ve been working on several corporate campaigns lead by former hockey players, as well as on creative for an NHL hockey team. What’s become abundantly clear to me is how their on-ice experience translates into business success.

Taylor Swift is everywhere. During a recent dinner, my friend asked about her $17 million home, which was close by to where we were dining at Ocean House, a storied resort that overlooks the coastal waters in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

One word can make a big difference.

Health … Health is the one word that reflects what is most important in life.

Brand ... Brand is the one word that reflects what is most important in business.

CVS Health … Three letters and one word that reflect perhaps the most courageous innovators in health care today.


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