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I was sitting in a Harvard Business School (HBS) lecture hall a few years ago when Professor Francesca Gino, Ph.D. entered wearing a Hugo Boss power business suit and bright red Converse Chuck Taylors. A powerful lecturer, she inspired me and other company owners there as Inner City 100 (IC100) Award Winners, to keep being who we are – rebels.

Since 1952, the day after Thanksgiving has been synonymous with the start of the holiday shopping season, earning the moniker “Black Friday” in the early 2000s and initiating a trend for stores to operate “in the black.” While many retailers roll out deep discounts to incentivize customers to score the season’s best deals on the heels of Thanksgiving, some brands have extended the event to Thanksgiving Day or even earlier, creating “Black Thursday” and “Black Friday Eve” specials that generate mass appeal.

My best friend since first grade is a Superior Court Judge. I jumped at the chance to be a character witness at his confirmation hearing, knowing that he would always do his homework and make wise, honest judgments.

A few weeks after he was sworn in, I was ranting to him about something that made me angry. I was in a terrible mood and needed to validate my anger, because even temporary misery loves company.

When I asked his Honor if he agreed with me, he replied by asking a question of his own:

“Who am I to judge?”

When I was 25 years old in 1989, I started my business with just a $289 typewriter and one credit card. Sure, there were personal computers I could have bought, but a typewriter felt more authentic for the creative copywriting and strategic brand storytelling I would build my business upon.

Soon there was more and more work to do and more people joined my firm to do it. Modern technology became the only way my small team of creatives could work smarter than our larger, established competitors.

It happens a lot.

We complete a video for a client. It’s living out there in its intended location – let’s say a company’s website. But then, a week or two later, comes the inevitable: “We’re thinking we’d like to use this video for social, too.”

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Image credited to Helen Sloan/HBO via AP

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Image credited to Brad McPherson 

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