A Shoppable Digital Experience for B2B and B2C

With both B2B and B2C goals, Stretch-Tite needed a website refresh to better showcase their brand and product portfolio. We redesigned their site to increase shop-ability and B2B positioning.  

Stretch-Tite wanted to strengthen the brand’s online experience to appeal more to big-box retailers, increase B2B positioning and improve the shopper experience. The company was also looking to enhance their website to clearly distinguish between Stretch-Tite and Polyvinyl Films and each brand’s respective product portfolios.

To help Stretch-Tite reach their B2B and B2C goals, we redesigned their current site to be cleaner and simpler. With updated UX functionality, such as a shoppable menu, the new website allows consumers and big box retailers to better understand the product offerings of both Stretch-Tite and Polyvinyl Films.

A separate look and feel was created for the digital experience of Polyvinyl Films, which helps differentiate it from the Stretch-Tite brand. However, the website design was created to ensure the Polyvinyl Films and Stretch-Tite experiences had a similar layout to maintain consistencies for users. We repurposed high-quality photography that we had created for the Stretch-Tite Instagram to elevate the overall design.

Our digital engineering team built the site to be ADA accessible using the Drupal 8 CMS. This CMS is secure, easy to use and customizable, which helps our client partners at Stretch-Tite with a smooth transition to operating their new site.

Stretch-Tite Website