An EPIC Place becomes an EPIC Party

We have transformed spaces and events into multisensory experiences for many of our client partners. But what about us?

In 2019, we relocated to our brand new headquarters, and worked diligently to turn what used to be a dingy, cubicle-filled call center into an EPIC HQ with spaces for thinking, working and playing. We wanted to share our new HQ, the East Providence Innovation Complex, with our client partners and community neighbors. So, we threw one of our legendary parties. This time it was EPIC.

Our EPIC HQ transports visitors through major cities that reflect our history, work and future growth. From New York to Chicago to Los Angeles, urban transportation-themed elements and MUSE-eum artifacts provide a multisensory experience around every corner. For our grand opening party, we elevated these experiences even more to show our partners a truly EPIC time.

Our 30,000 square foot space was filled with elements to engage our guests’ senses, from sight to sound to taste to touch. With live musicians and dance performances, guests were energized throughout the night. Attendees were also invited to put on their own performances in our Carpool Karaoke room, highlighting one of our Miami clients The Singing Machine.

Even the food and beverage elements were interactive, with a Dining in the Dark experience (frog legs, anyone?), and a fully-functional ice bar, or what we like to call a NICEbar.

Understanding that in today’s world people have an appetite for experiences, we provided guests with pop-up sensory installations and selfie stops. Our Midway airplane allowed guests to buckle up for take off and snap a selfie. A jumbo polaroid mural inspired by the Miami Wynwood Walls brought guests back in time to the days where photos weren’t on our cell phones. And our vintage Austin FX3 taxi cab encouraged guests to grab a mate and hop in for a London experience.

Lighting and visual elements filled the space throughout, transforming our work spaces into exhilarating pathways for our guests to explore our capabilities and disciplines. From our New York design area to our photo/video studios and editing bays in Los Angeles, guests were fully immersed into the multidisciplinary strategy and creative that (add)ventures has to offer.

A truly EPIC team + an EPIC space = an EPIC party to remember.

Two musicians, one playing a guitar and one playing a keyboard, and a singer.
A bar made of a block of ice with a bartender behind it.