An Online Hub for Fertility Patients is Born

Understanding that fertility treatment can be expensive and stressful, we helped Encompass Fertility™ develop an online hub to educate families about the brand’s competitive pricing and personalized support.

To drive market share amongst cash-pay fertility patients and fertility providers, Encompass Fertility™ wanted to reimagine their online experience to highlight their competitive pricing and highly-personalized support. The pharmacy also wanted to develop an educational hub with industry-leading injection training videos to help patients throughout their fertility journey.

We developed an online hub with information on Encompass Fertility services and differentiators, including a lead-capture form for pharmacists to connect directly with patients on personalized medication prices. To further position the pharmacy as a major influencer, we concepted, wrote and produced over 20 injection training videos featuring a relatable patient character who demonstrated how to self-inject fertility medications and offered tips on reducing discomfort along the way.

We focused on understanding the consumers who would be accessing this online hub, and we used our team’s subject matter experts to create content that was helpful and relatable. After launching the online hub, we received positive feedback from Encompass Fertility that validated our efforts:

“Now that the injection training videos are live on the website, we are getting tons of positive feedback about how they are the best injection videos people have ever seen…Even a nurse with over 20 years of experience said in all her years in fertility, these are by far the best.”