Decrypting Cybersecurity with Brand Advertising

We positioned Cybereason as industry leaders in cybersecurity by engaging their target audience and increasing brand awareness through social media campaigns.

As a relative newcomer to the cybersecurity industry, Cybereason needed to differentiate their brand in a competitive market and elevate their unique suite of products. With their talented team boasting a variety of experience and skillsets, Cybereason was well situated as budding industry experts and thought leaders—all that was missing was widespread brand recognition.

We capitalized on this expertise, focusing on reaching Cybereason’s target audience of security specialists to inform them of Cybereason’s latest webinars, resources, and products. 

To accomplish this, our team developed an array of digital ads highlighting Cybereason’s unconventional, lovably weird and distinctive branding. Copy and design were intentionally crafted to fit a variety of banner sizes while adhering to social media best practices and guidelines. 

These ads emphasized Cybereason’s unique ability to preemptively identify and defend against threats before a cyber-attack occurs while also leaning into the brand name to impress long-term recognition.

Overwhelmingly, these ad campaigns proved successful, with ad sets securing the attention of the target audience and achieving conversion rates as high as 16.67%.

Cybereason mobile app
Several Cybereason ads