Designing for Healthcare Excellence

High-quality healthcare means healthier families, employees and partners, and a happier you. So, when Blue Cross Blue Shield needed to optimize their website, we designed with every member in mind.

Prior to the nationwide health insurance exchange, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island identified the need to build upon its value proposition for both current and prospective customers. The goal was to develop a dynamic, interactive website for each of its target groups: members, brokers, employers and providers.

To create this new website, we conducted user research to discover the wants and needs of each audience, redesigned the site based on the data and supported the development of the site and its content. Simplify complexity for humanity is an (add)ventures guiding principle. This is what we achieved in designing and developing the new Blue Cross “Store Front” Website – a user-friendly experience and a platform to drive excellence in the retail health insurance marketplace.

desktop display of new user-friendly Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island website featuring shop for a plan tab