Digging Into Designer Tendencies

When MOO sought to know the wants and needs of their consumer, our insights team dug into research to reveal designer tendencies. The result? An untapped customer segment with big printing potential.

To better understand its ‘Pro’ segment, MOO sought research to characterize graphic design professionals, including designers, agency designer and freelance designers, and understand their needs, behaviors and influence on the print buying process.


(add)ventures launched a multi-phase research initiative consisting of a syndicated data review, an online survey, and one-on-one interviews with graphic design professionals. The online survey received over 1,800 responses which, combined with the syndicated research and qualitative interview findings, revealed valuable insights and opportunities for MOO to expand its service and offerings to this segment.

man working on laptop with quote overlay about the design printing process
man sketching with quote overlay about the importance of design quality