Engaging Retail Customers with Radio

With a collection of in-store and broadcast radio spots, we helped DXL® on its mission to become the go-to store for big and tall men’s apparel.  

In the lead-up to Father's Day, DXL wanted to increase brand affinity and appeal to potential gift-givers and new customers.

We produced a dozen radio spots to drive brand awareness and establish DXL as the best place for big & tall men to shop. To create a consistent tone, we scripted introductory language with engaging questions or commands – “Hey, big guy, are you tired of the runaround?... "Listen up, fellas." By using direct and relatable language, we captured the listener’s attention and quickly delivered a message that distinguishes DXL from other big and tall stores.

To target the differentiated audiences set by DXL, we created unique spots specific to the needs and wants of those audiences. Four of the five 30-second radio spots featured messaging that spoke directly to men who might shop at DXL for themselves. The fifth spot featured a female voiceover, aimed at appealing to women who were shopping for gifts ahead of Father's Day. In-store spots served a single, specific promotional purpose ranging from gift card offers to social media awareness.

With the combination of engaging language and relatable scenario storytelling, we were able to create intention to shop, drive awareness and attract both new and current customers to shop in-store.