Ingenuity Inside the Box

Innovation can’t be confined to a box, but it can be celebrated inside of one. At HUBweek, we created an experience to educate attendees about Union Point, the area’s newest smart city.

Union Point — a culturally rich and technologically advanced urban environment 12 miles south of Boston — sought a way to inform local residents about the smart city during HUBweek, a weeklong festival that celebrates the area’s most creative and innovative minds.   

We concepted, designed and produced an interactive information center and mobile experience to educate HUBweek attendees about Union Point. With a retrofit shipping container as our base, we installed elements of the center including graphics, flooring, monitors, lighting and video. The result? A highly-engaging experience that informed participants about the smart city and retained HUBweek’s mission of supporting and strengthening the innovation ecosystem in Boston.

interior image mobile interactive information center with information about smart city Union Point
crowd of people walking into creative weeklong festival in Massachusetts known as HUBweek