Make them laugh. Then deliver the sales message.

When a medical services provider needed a sales message to stand above the rest, we delivered a B2B content marketing strategy that first made people smile, then made them want to learn more.

Patients discharged from the hospital and requiring infusion or tube feeding therapy at home are overwhelmed. That’s why it was so important for Coram to let hospital-based providers know about their new educational resources and support services that can make a stressful time an easier transition for patients.

Since hospitals are inundated with a huge volume of sales materials, the Coram sales team needed an impactful way to cut through the clutter and drive patient referrals.
During our research, we discovered the story of a Coram nurse and dietitian duo who wore mustaches on their N95 masks to make patients smile during the pandemic. 

This inspired the creation of whimsical care kits for Coram sales teams to deliver to referral sources at partner hospitals — kits included face masks, fun stickers, and educational content about the newly transformed patient experience. Sales teams were also armed with custom content to support additional outreach via social media and email. 

The mid-funnel content brought users to a landing page that served as the destination to explore high-value content and patient stories to help drive referrals to Coram.

A Whimsical Care Kit on display, showing the different options of accessories for face masks, such as mustaches, puppy noses, and smiles.
A healthcare professional reads the card from a package of Whimsical Care Kits.
A rendering of the home page. It reads: "Helping you stay safe and healthy at home. We're taking all the right steps to reduce COVID-19 transmission, so we can continue to care for you in the comfort of your home.