Shooting on Location, Remotely

When Dorel Juvenile asked us to produce product and lifestyle photography for their Maxi‑Cosi® brand during the height of the COVID-19 quarantine, we faced a challenge we had never come up against before: How do you shoot on location at a time when most people are not able to leave their homes?

Our solution was to recruit talented photographers who had the ability to shoot and showcase Dorel Juvenile’s products and the Maxi-Cosi brand spirit using members of their own household. With an (add)ventures team present via Zoom for direction and support, our photographer partners shot their spouses, pets, and, of course, adorable kids in their own homes with some of the latest Maxi-Cosi products. The result was a beautiful, authentic collection of photos worthy of this premium brand and ready for release across the US market. All this, achieved with family as models and without the usual on-site support, proved that this new client was in safe hands, even during a pandemic.

A woman buckles her child into a car seat.
Two children reach into a bucket to continue washing a car. A woman moves a car seat.
Two children jump on a bed.