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Create a winning game plan

CEOs, CMOs, and ambitious executives of top companies rely upon SOLVEsessions® to achieve their branding and business goals. Our proprietary methodologies strategize winning game plans and build juggernaut teams to execute them flawlessly.

SOLVEsession workshops have facilitated plans that have informed and activated client partner victories such as:  

  • Strategizing the future of health care ecosystems 
  • Repositioning a company after a merger
  • Culture building and team building to develop purposeful teams
  • Leveraging cultural trends and demographics for go-to-market product strategies
  • Building brands from the inside out for recruitment programs
A board with post-it notes organized into the categories of "Audience", "What are their top challenges?", and "What do they care about most?"

A SOLVEsession® is a workshop designed to spark your company’s evolution by harnessing the collective expertise of our multidisciplinary team and your leaders. We will facilitate to align your corporate challenges with tactics to inform, inspire, recruit and retain your brand stakeholders in new and exciting ways. 

Our facilitators will work with your team to develop a customized agenda and exercises that uncover your biggest opportunities from the bottom up.

An (add)ventures team member working in a SOLVE session with a client.

A SOLVEsession includes:

  • Engaging half-day, full-day or multi-day sessions
  • Facilitation by our strategic and creative experts
  • Customized exercises and breakout activities
  • Blue-sky exploration and pointed prioritization
  • Documented session notes and action planning
  • In-person, virtual or hybrid formats