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How to celebrate identities to create authentic Hispanic and LatinX marketing campaigns

Now, more than ever, multicultural consumers expect brands to properly represent them and exhibit cultural literacy. It’s important when marketing to multicultural audiences to understand how nuanced every identity is. Many Hispanics and Latinos feel a general “LatinX” or Hispanic bucket is restricting and want to celebrate their unique identity.

While Latin pride is a huge part of the multicultural community and there is pride in what other Latin people accomplish, each culture has its own pride and identity they want to celebrate as well. They each have their own traditions, cultures, language choices and psychographic themes that influence their behavior.

By recognizing and embracing this, brands can create inclusive campaigns and communications where specificity drives authenticity. Whether they’re Puerto Rican, South American, or Mexican, it's best to talk to people from each target demographic to truly understand and empathize with the audience brands are trying to reach. By having these conversations, brands can avoid stereotyping and cliches.

An example of “trans-creating” can be seen in our Brother Ink & Toner Educational Campaign. To convey empathy we needed to consider the nuances of regional language differences and change our messaging tone based on the location. The nuance in tone was based on how each country expresses itself colloquially. In Colombia and Ecuador, they speak in a "proper" way as a sign of respect, similarly to how we would speak to royalty instead of friends, while in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama, speaking in that tone is considered outdated.

Left (South America, traditional): “Don’t go halfway on ink” Right (Central America, modern) “Don’t be misaligned”

Left (South America, traditional): “Don’t go halfway on ink”
Right (Central America, modern) “Don’t be misaligned”