Addventures employees with their moms

Inspired by Moms

Moms are superheros, cheerleaders, best friends, and so much more. Mother’s Day is our chance to reflect on the many amazing moms in our lives, and also here at (add)ventures, and say thank you to the women who inspire us.

Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary – it’s an act of infinite optimism.

Gilda Radner

Michelle Spriegel and her mom.

Michelle Spriegel
Senior Director, Strategy + Creative

My hero, my best friend, my mom - lucky me they're all the same person. The one word that comes to mind to best describe my mom is fearless. Always strives to succeed in everything she does, all while empowering me and giving me all the tools I needed to be the best I could be and more.

My mom has overcome countless challenges, all with a turbo drive and clear end goal - happiness. Her resilience is powerful, always choosing the right path and defeating all odds, even if it means starting over, learning a new language, or crushing stigmas. She’s a leader and a mentor, creating professional paths for the future workforce, she’s an activist and volunteer, helping people with acts of kindness to be a piece of the change we need in the world, she’s my incredible mom.

Keith Burkett's mom.

Keith Burkett
Director, Operations + Facilities

This is a photo of June Burkett taken in 1951, my mother, and Hayley Lavergne's grandmother. She was a Ham Radio Operator (W1VXC) and was independent before it was fashionable and definitely ahead of her time. Worked Civil Defence for hurricanes and was a Morse Code speed award winner.

Compassionate but firm and could maneuver a bar of Ivory soap faster than anyone I know when my brother or I used any off-color words. She was a strong reason for who I am today. Sadly she passed in '82 at 53 years old most likely from RF radiation exposure. She was pretty cool and very much missed.

Susan Hoopes with her kids.

Susan Hoopes
Director, Administration

I have found being a mom is the most fun, the most exhausting, and the most challenging role I have ever had.

My advice as a mom and (add)venturist…
There are a lot more smiles when you don’t sweat the small stuff. Encourage your kids and peers to find their best selves. And when it gets overwhelming, either stop and smell the roses or lock yourself in the bathroom.

Noah Tietze
Implementation Designer

A quick breakfast and coffee with my Mom is always the wonderful start of my morning journey to the (add)ventures office. From that first spark of artistic inspiration as a child, she has always been the most supportive and encouraging force behind my continual creative and professional development. A more loving person would be impossible to find.

My mom-in-law is solid gold and part of the amazing connections of life that helped me to meet the amazing friends I've made at (add)ventures! From her advocacy for victims of drunk driving, to her work to keep us all safe on Rhode Island’s roads. I truly have been twice-blessed to have two absolutely incredible women and moms in my corner. Happy Mother's Day!

Joe Miech and his mom.

Joe Miech
Chief Operating Officer

Words to describe my mom: Unselfish. Loving. Compassionate. Thoughtful. Caring. Devoted. Healer.

Sam Culbreth's mom.

Sam Culbreth
Unreal Engine Artist

My mother has given me her love, kindness, and sensitivity from the start. She inspired my exploration of creativity and design as I grew. She has always supported my ambitions, and (ever-cautiously) encouraged my affinity for adventure. She showed me how to enjoy all of life's beauty.