Episode 11: Victory comes from within

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In Episode 11 of the Brand Slam Podcast, “Victory comes from within,” we dive into the concept of Inside-Out Branding with (add)ventures Founder + CEO Steve Rosa and President Mary Sadlier.

Inside-Out Branding focuses on building a strong internal brand culture first, turning employees and current customers into true brand champions. By aligning a company’s culture, internal communications, and employee engagement with the brand's core values, the brand’s authenticity shines through and influences how customers perceive and interact with the brand.

We discussed how economic shifts and technological advancements have shaped Inside-Out Branding, and how brands like Patagonia exemplify this approach by integrating their commitment to environmental sustainability into every aspect of their business.

Metrics such as employee engagement levels, brand consistency, and customer loyalty are crucial in gauging the success of Inside-Out Branding. And as the branding landscape evolves with AI, the human experience remains at the core of impactful branding efforts.

With 35 years of expertise in the field, Steve even shared advice for CMOs looking to implement Inside-Out Branding, emphasizing the importance of truly listening to employees and customers, integrating their insights into the branding strategy, and experiencing the brand in visceral ways.

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