Episode 12: Full-court press with brand champion Dan Hurley

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Episode 12 of the Brand Slam podcast features UConn men's head basketball coach Dan Hurley, who has led his team to back-to-back national championships. Hosted by (add)ventures founder + CEO Steve Rosa and brand sportscaster Joe Kayata, this episode dives into Hurley's journey, leadership style and brand building strategies.

Hurley discusses the influence of his upbringing on his coaching style, the importance of attention to detail, and the pressures of leading a successful team in the competitive landscape of college basketball. The conversation also touches on the role of brands in recruiting and team building, as well as the unique superstitions and rituals that play a part in Hurley's game day routines.

From bringing UConn back to its former glory to setting sights on a historic three-peat, Hurley's dedication to his team and the sport shines through in every aspect of the discussion.

It's clear that Dan Hurley is not just a basketball coach, but a brand in his own right. His authenticity, drive, and leadership have not only led to on-court success but have also cemented his legacy as a respected figure in the basketball world. 

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