Episode 13: The Dynasty, Tom Brady & the Brand

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In episode 13 of the Brand Slam podcast, hosts Steve Rosa and Joe Kayata dive deep into the world of the New England Patriots brand with a focus on the Apple+ documentary series, The Dynasty. They are joined by Matt Hamachek, the executive producer and director of the series, to discuss the intricacies of capturing the essence of such a storied franchise.

The Roast of Tom Brady

The conversation kicks off with a discussion about the unexpected humor and rawness of the Tom Brady Netflix roast, and how it impacted Tom Brady's brand and public perception. They then shift gears to explore the creative process behind The Dynasty, including the extensive amount of footage used to tell the story of the Patriots dynasty.

Brand building in professional sports

As they delve into the timing of the release and the criticism the series faced for its portrayal of key figures like Bill Belichick, the hosts and Matt provide valuable insights into the complexities of brand building within the world of professional sports. From personal anecdotes to reflections on the aftermath of the release, the episode offers a fascinating look at the Patriots brand.

Listeners are treated to a deeper understanding of the challenges and triumphs of the New England Patriots brand, and the impact of documentaries like The Dynasty on public perception. 

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