Episode 14: “Personalized: Customer Strategy in the Age of AI.”

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In the latest episode of the Brand Slam: the winning brands podcast, hosts Steve Rosa and Joe Kayata are joined by marketing expert and author David Edelman. With a wealth of experience as a CMO at Fortune 50 companies including CVS Health/Aetna and as a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, David brings valuable insights to the discussion on personalized customer strategy in the age of AI.

The conversation covers a range of topics, from the importance of putting customers at the center of AI-driven marketing strategies to the evolving role of CMOs in the digital age. David's upcoming book, “Personalized: Customer Strategy in the Age of AI,” focuses on five key promises of personalization that companies must live up to in order to succeed.

Throughout the episode, David shares his expertise and advice for CMOs looking to implement AI-driven marketing strategies and prioritize personalization in their brand strategies. With a mix of humor and insight, the conversation delves into the future of marketing and the impact of AI on the industry.

Listeners are sure to gain valuable insights from this episode, whether they are marketing professionals, business owners, or simply interested in the evolving landscape of brand strategy. Be sure to check out David Edelman's upcoming book set to be released in October and stay tuned for more engaging conversations on the Brand Slam podcast.

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