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To reach Hispanic and LatinX audiences, incorporate community and culture

According to an Insider Intelligence report, over the last decade Latinos have grown their household consumption to reach a cumulative $1 trillion — a 6% annual growth rate. For brands that want to reach this rapidly growing market share, it’s important to incorporate elements of their culture beyond language to appeal to and resonate with them.

Within Hispanic and LatinX populations, family, community, and traditions are huge points of pride, so when it feels nicely married to a brand or campaign, lean into these aspects. Each community has its own identity and cultural differences, so knowing how that plays into their lives and relationships can help elevate campaigns.

Communities know their experiences and needs better than anyone and having conversations with the target audience can provide valuable insights to inform strong messaging. Understanding the unique attributes of each cultural identity and how it impacts both individuals and the community as a whole builds a strong foundation from which to create a campaign that will resonate.

During the ViVE Health Conference, an event for healthcare businesses and decision makers, the Hispanic and LatinX community hosted a networking event, attended by two of our (add)venturists. Discussions focused on the best ways to advance equity in the industry, and the importance of highlighting community to drive these efforts.

A group of LatinAmerican (add)venturists gathered to make a video.