Rhode Island Housing

Market Research


As part of the effort to create a marketing plan for Rhode Island Housing, (add)ventures was asked to develop a comprehensive research plan to gather insights from key target audiences, including realtors, lenders and homebuyers. This track of work built upon previous findings from focus groups with realtors to gain a deeper understanding of the current brand perceptions of Rhode Island Housing and decision-making factors in the marketplace.


(add)ventures conducted a series of 10 one-on-one interviews, lasting 90 minutes each, to take a deep dive into the mindsets of potential homebuyers as the main consumer or target of Rhode Island Housing communications, and lenders as a key referral source. (add)ventures and Rhode Island Housing collaborated to recruit, screen and schedule the participants, ensuring a mix of demographic attributes and experiences, including both current and lapsed customers. The interviews were conducted in participants’ homes or neutral locations and were audio-recorded both for reference by the research team and to allow Rhode Island Housing leaders to hear the voice of their customer firsthand. The key findings of the research revealed a general lack of knowledge of Rhode Island Housing’s offerings and a range of misperceptions in the marketplace, which enabled (add)ventures to formulate a communications plan targeted to the specific preferences of each sub-group.